There were plenty of trends on the red carpet at the Golden Globes so I picked out a few that stood out to me and gave you a few budget friendly look that resemble them.



Scarlet red was big on the carpet


Untitled #54


Here is a look that I have put together that will run you around $550 but it is well worth it to fell like you are at the Globes
Silver shimmer was another big trend on the carpet
Untitled #55


Right under $330 this outfit is sure to make you sparkle
A couple of shades of blue popped up here and there
Untitled #56


Untitled #57


Untitled #58


Untitled #59


With this golden look your sure to pull off a belted trend for $500.
And then there was the risky trend of wearing pants on the carpet.
Untitled #60


I went more towards lords look for its simplicity yet it was still sophisticated and glamorous, all together the look is only $565 and is my favorite one.

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