Marissa Webb

Marissa webb is not one who to go with the flow of the it trend of the season-she march to the drum of her own beat. Her tom-boyish street style ready-to-wear looks are classic pieces that continues to stay in style for every season. The only difference is that they are styled differently and tweaked just a bit to set them apart from the wardrobe staples that are already on the rack and that are to come. Gray flannel and abstracted and exaggerated herringbones wear the main fabrics of choice for the collection major pieces like tunics, belted trench-style vests and classic outerwear with details that were for this season. And with the bonded wool overlays worn over dresses or as a half-skirt layering, the looks were classic with a young women, cool tomboy aesthetics feel to it.



In Christian Lacroix’s Desigual collection for this season he went for a global collision of prints and patterns. The collection is fun, funky, and lively have multiple references of  folk, African, Asian and Northern European. To some though a few of the pieces may be a bit overwhelming to handle but for the most part the collection is really versatile for women to wear on any occasion.

Polo Ralph Lauren

With the launch of the women’s polo collection last season it seams to be developing rapidly. with preppy mixed with sporty and tom-boyish the collection was cool and youthful chic for today’s stylish women. The collection for women consist of fringed pants, fur or faux fur lined coat, plaid shirts,blazers, leather pants, and suit pants; with shades of white, brown, green, and camel for color. I do predict that come this years winter we will be seeing a lot of Polo inspired pieces around the fashion community.


For the debut of his Yeezy collection with Adidas, Kanye decided to show his pieces on a diverse group of models. In a military type formation each model that was cast of the streets and was different and unique in every way. The collection had a apocalyptic-war far look to it, having the models wear nude body stockings under sports bras, tanks, bomber jackets, a shearling coat, relaxed T-shirts and sweatpants. there were boot, sneakers to High heel that were covered with stockings, also with backpacks and over-sized duffels. It was inspired by london riots of 2011-the collection is very edgy; daring in some ways and on that note I would love to be apart of these stylish troops.


This collection consisted of crisp cotton shirting, chunky knits, double-faced wool suiting, wrap coats and languid silk dresses and skirts. well known basic pieces but there is not much basic about these,  they have a more luxury and elevated feel to them. Kate Wendelborn opted for a Arte Povera, the Italian art movement of the late Sixties and the natural geometry and landscape of the Utah desert to serve as inspiration.

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