I timed that it takes me around five hours to due my hair this, its a long time but i expect nothing less seeing how I am a person with thick hair. I am going to show you the quick five step process of how I due my hair and how long each part takes.

  1. I use my Wen by Chaz Dean Sweat Almond conditioner. I separate my hair into sections and apply as much as I need for each section and then twist my hair. The twist helps keep my hair out the way when I do the rest(when I twist some of the conditioner come out and I just rub it back on the outside on the twist)of my head. This takes me an thirty minutes to and hour depending on the condition of my head.

    Conditon Hair2.  After applying Wen Conditioner I cover my head with a plastic show cap and I leave it on for about an hour to and hour and thirty minutes….the longer it stays in the better it works on your hair.  

Hair Cap

3. After washing out the conditioner I dry my air leaving it a little damp just enough for my for me to add the Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil to my head help with the dryness, damaged, and coarseness of my hair plus it will also give me a really nice shine to my head. 

Wash Hair

4. I start to blow dry my hair in section to make sure I dry all of it considering how thick it is and as I and after I blow dry the section I Grease my scalp with my tropic isle living black caster oil with coconut and shea butter in it then I would flat iron the section. This takes hour to and two hours to due, the longest part of my process.


5. After four to five hours my end result is the look that I rock on my day to day bases. the look in the picture below is how my hair would be right after I flat iron it, but give it a few hours and a little humidity and it will fill out a little bit giving it a more full body look!



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