Betsey Johnson

It isn’t every day a girl celebrates 50 years in business but that’s just what the inimitable Betsey Johnson did. The show consisted of a lifetime retrospective of her designs and like always an  over-the-top extravaganza. Dance was the theme witch is befitting seeing how that is at the root of Betsey’s creative passion, as well as her five decades of experience in the industry that was the force behind this awesome show were she put half a century onto the runway. She started with the most resent inspired of today’s pop star girly looks like a bubblegum corseted tutu dress on top of a neon blue net shirt. The ’90s, Johnson gave edgy grunge a playful riff with rose-patterned dresses fastened with blue corsets paired with cherry print tights. The rock attitude of the ’80s had a Pat Benatar feel that included jumpsuits with pinstripes, and a cool plastic jacket outfitted with zippers on the sleeves. The ’60s had a strong Twiggy influence in a mod-style Mandarin-collar striped pantsuit, as well as a polka-dotted mini dress with an oversize collar and sleeves. And has for the ’50s, there where the pieces based on her original dance costumes as a child which had nude leotards adorned with mini frills at the waist and striped with sequins, as well as a bedazzled red crop top and a pleated miniskirt. From tutu dresses and corsets to floral frocks and striped jumpsuits this may be the best runway show of this season!

Betsey Johnson


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