I’ve had this blog for the pass five years and I still have yet to get the hang of it. I have been on and off this site ever since I started it; trying to find the right topic for me and what I would like to put out to the world and how I would present it. I have shown my styling, I have show clothes of the runway of fashion weeks, I have show the trends that I thought was cool, but I have not stuck to any of them I would always leave and not come back to this blog for months. I need to find something I am really passionate on the day to day bases and use that as my topic, not only that but I need to make sure that I make time to do it out of my day seeing how I am working a full time job. Eventually I will get the hang of this and it will all work out for me in the end.




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It all started back in December 2013, I decided that I wanted to go back to school in the fall of 2014 to get more knowledge of the fashion design world. I previously went to school for fashion design and merchandising and received my Bachelors of Fine Arts from the International Academy of Design and Technology (now known as Sanford Brown) in San Antonio, TX. But a couple of months before I was to graduate I decided that I would want to take a year off and then attend school again and continue studying fashion design and maybe even go back for retail business management. Back in December 2013 I started to apply to F.I.T in New York, went through the application process, did my entrance project, and completed everything I needed to finish by February, but later on in May I found out I did not get in because my transcripts were received late. So I decided at the end of May I would apply to FIDM L.A; after that application process I had to send in another entrance project and I sent that in around June/July. By the end of July I had got a call from my admissions representative asking will I have time someday to do an interview over the phone but instead of doing an over the phone conversation I decided to book a trip to Downtown L.A and visit the school and my admissions rep in person while at the same time get a feel of the city that I was going to live in for a while.

The trip was book using money that I don’t have on pay pal credit (at the time Bill Me Later) that I have to pay back soon; but it was well worth it! In August during my trip there I was at my happiest; I had set up my appointment for my interview and I also planned on going to the open house; next day after my interview I was so happy that I found out that I was getting accepted I went to the open house and got to talk to some of the staff and explore the building even more. The next day after I got me a bus card for a week and I explored some parts of the of the city like the Grove in west Hollywood and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; just to see some of the popular shopping sites. After exploring those neighbor hoods and visiting my school I couldn’t wait to move there; I felt I would be happier and actually start a great career for myself considering its one of the two major fashion cities. After my week vacation in L.A. I returned back to San Antonio with some goodies and great news only to forget that being accepted is half the battle; now I have to find a way to fund my education. I was so happy I forgot that I did get that much from financial aid and I had to find another way to get the money; so I started looking up scholarships, grants, and more loans for school.

By the beginning of September I was out of luck trying to find funding for my school and on top of that I was getting ready to leave my job without another one lined up for me. I was so adamant about moving to L.A. I started looking for roommates and apartment; but I had no money in my account and the term I wanted to begin in started in October so I needed it before then. By the end of September I was out of resources and unemployed; I had to call my admissions and tell her that I did not have the money to cover my tuition and she had to send me back my project packed. I felt like I was at the bottom of a dark hole then and when I got my packet in the mail a couple of days later it really sunk in that I was not going to L.A. anytime soon. I was sad and angry that I could not move and start my new life on my own and that just drove me into a deep depression of having an unsatisfied life. Until I do move I had to start making money again because I need to pay bills so I went out and found a new job at Guess? Inc. and while working there I have been thinking that I should brush up on my drawing skills and fix up my web pages. Since then I have been doing that and I have somewhat cope with the fact that I am not in school yet; but the new year is coming just around the corner and so is a new term there for I get to try again. I have so much determination that instead of going with the flow I decided to find new and different ways to fund my education; this journey is an ongoing one for me because giving up is just not an option!

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